August 15, 2011


i am speechless.. i glued myself infront of the TV set witnessing one of the BEST Badminton men's singles match EVER and it has to end in favour to that great wall.

it's a devastating lost.. a lost that really really made tears roll out from my eyes. He was thissssss close.. and yet look so far.

but remember this, You have my utmost respect for you will be the Olympics Champion come next year! I trully believed you throughly deserved the title next year because you work so hard.

All malaysians will be behind you supporting you all the time minus the sceptical one of course!

Thank you LCW! :)

June 30, 2011


it's almost 2.5 months since i last blog..

what happened since then ??

My favourite team won the Barclay's Premier League, lost out in the final of the champions league to Barcelona and was a semifinalist of the FA CUP losing to neighbours, Manchester City..

Then in Tennis French Open , my favourite, Roger Federer lost to Rafael Nadal in the final and just only, Federer lost to Tsonga in Wimbledon Quarter Final, even though he was leading 2 sets to none.. So now am looking forward to the last grand slam of the year, US OPEN this coming September...

Personal Front : My grandmother passed away at the age of 95.. so it's been a journey back and forth to Penang 3 times in a space of 2 months, the most i have done since coming down to KL for 1 year plus...

Working Wise : gone through ups and down of life so there is nothing much to say...

and i am excited of going back to study, not study as in STUDY.. but learning new language real soon.. it's hoping it's going to be FUN, FUN , FUN! :) :) :)

and i want to go for a vacation so badly!!!!! OCTOBER I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME!

April 14, 2011

Still challenging upfront for 3 trophies

I used to love to write on anything for my favourite football club and it has been long since I actually wrote something about them.

Ever since I fulfilled like half of my dream to visit Old Trafford, half more because I so badly wanted to watch a match at Old Trafford, that part hasn’t been fulfilled JUST YET, because the last time I went there it was during the off season.

It’s more than 10 years now ever since I started supporting Manchester United, (dunno why I picked up this club at first) but I got to say perhaps David Beckham was the reason behind me supporting Man United, but like people say, the rest is HISTORY. So here I am supporting one of the biggest football club in the WORLD.

Last 10 years or so, Man United has been winning trophies in and out. Last Season we lost out to Chelsea in the Premier League by a mere 1 point. That was hard for me to swallow despite some comeback United have done like the one against Manchester City where Paul Scholes scored within seconds before the end of the extra time. That was really amazing. And I remembered I was jumping mad when Scholes pop that goal inside City’s net that very day.

But at the end of it, It’s the effort of whole season that count and THAT season CHELSEA were just MAGNIFICIENT, they looked unbeatable and prove their worth and landed their THIRD premier league title in the last 6 years.

The came August 2010 where the Barclay’s Premier League Season for 2010/2011 started, Chelsea took off from how they ended last season brilliantly when they were wining each game with MANY goals.

After that came that moment of bleak or blackness for Chelsea during the month of November and December when they only won 2 out of 9 matches in the space of 2 months.

United on the other hand wasn’t playing their best away from home either, having only won ONCE and drawn 7. That is one of their worst away record but luckily enough HOME form lifted United and there were top of league from then on.

United and Chelsea were supposed to meet during the 1st week of December but because of the frozen pitch no thanks to the heavy snowfall in England, the match due in Stamford Bridge was postponed till March.

March came and United were leading the match 1st half courtesy of Wayne Rooney goal but late fight back saw Chelsea winning the Match 2-1. That weekend, United fall to their 3rd defeat of the season this time, to their arch rival, Liverpool by 3 goal to 1- courtesy of late tap in by Javier Hernandez( this guy was a brilliant brilliant buy by Man United which cost united 7 million pound and in his debut season making a strong impact to the team).

By this time, United were still challenging for 3 trophies they are in, Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League.

After 2 back to back defeat, it was the 5th Round FA Cup tie with Arsenal that tested United next. Strategist of All-Time, Sir Alex Ferguson, send out a team he knows who can beat the Arsenal side, and 2 goals from Fabio and Wayne Rooney seal the place in the semis and set up a Manchester derby with City at Wembley this Saturday Evening (Malaysia time Sunday Midnight , 12.10am).

Done with FA Cup, United was next tested on the Champions League Last 16 2nd Leg at Old Trafford. After a goalless draw at Marseille in February, United need to get that job done at home.

That start list excluded Rio Ferdinand and worst still without Nemanja Vidic. With United 2 strongest defender not starting, it looked bleaked for United but Sir Alex had a different idea and navigate United through to the Quarter Final with 2-1 win against Marseille, and that 2 goals came from none other than that Little Pea @Chicharito or known as Javier Hernandez.

Then came the Champions League draw and United was drawn to face English side Chelsea, a side United find hard to beat for the last couple of years.

But it was back to Premier League action first and this time United were up against a spirited Bolton side. 2 minutes before the end, United managed to find the net courtesy of the leading premier league goalscorer Dimitar Berbatov. United finally won 1-0.

It was then time for a 2 week international break and the time had come handy for United side for was down with players out injured to recover from their respective injuries.

2 Week Break indeed was good enough for United who recovered most of their injured players, but starting the April fixtures wasn’t what they wanted.

A tough West Ham United side who was facing relegation battle worked hard and was leading 2-0 at halftime courtesy of 2 penalty scored by Mark Noble, but United wasn’t going to give up a game like that with only JUST 7 matches left to play for the season.

Wayne Rooney started his wonderful free kick on the 65th minute followed by 2 more goals to seal his hattrick but the manner he celebrated his 3rd goal when he scored from the Penalty earn him a 2 match banned. Hernandez later confirmed United win against West Ham at Upton Park with the 4th goal for United to win the match 4-2.

With United Camp on high after a spirited fightback at Upton Park, they travelled to Stamford Bridge hoping to break the curse of having not won there for the last 9 years.

And Rooney again proves that he his back to his best when he scored the only GOAL to seal United 1-0 win against Chelsea on the 1st leg.

Rooney started his 2 match banned and did not play against Fulham last weekend. Ferguson opted to start with Berbatov upfront and that paid off as he scores on the 12th minute and Valencia coming back from his long injury scored 20 minutes later to seal united 2-0 win.

Then came the midweek 2nd Leg Q-final tie against Chelsea at Old Trafford to booked a spot in the Champions League semis. United was all fired up for the match knowing that a win would bring them to their 4th semis appearance in 5 years.

And They did it in what I should say in one of their best performance this season. Praised has to go out to the 37 years old Ryan Giggs, 3 assist to set up all 3 United goals in the 2 Quarter Final tie.

Marvelous performance by a person of his age and not to forget Van Der Sar, Ferdinand, Vidic, Hernandez, Rooney and those who started the match for United. The 2-1 win (goals from Hernandez and Park Ji-Sung )sealed a place in the semis and set up a clash with German Club, Schalke 04 who did brilliantly to outclassed defending champion, Inter Milan in the 2 leg Q-Final tie.

So with 6 matches left to play in the Premier League, Semi Final FA Cup tie with Manchester City this Saturday at Wembley and a 2 legged semis to be played this 27th April and 5th May, Will the treble of 1998/1999 be a reality again? OR perhaps a double trophy to Old Trafford this season or will United ended up with ONLY one TROPHY?

We will all find out soon, but to the Manchester United Squad of 2010/2011, All The Best and You guys did a good job so far!!!

P/S : Still I am plotting/planning a trip to Manchester again soon, and perhaps this time around I will be able to catch a match at Old Trafford! :)

Glory Glory Man United,
Glory Glory, Man United,
Glory Glory Man United,
and The Reds goes Marching on, on, on!

March 08, 2011

ranting of 2011

i would be lying if i wasnt dissappointed with how things goes at the moment..

it's just suck cause i actually got that feeling months ago and what happen few weeks ago further justify why my even more growing opinion of doing what i want to do..

i know it wont happen soon but someday, just maybe someday it might come true.. *fingers crossed perhaps in a year time*

and then i learnt how ppl appreciate things that is done on bigger scale and not on things which is done behind the scene..

and for you ppl who judged who i am bluntly and u think you know me very well, think again.. i do not think you know me that well..

I am the one who is going to determine how my life is going to BE!

Thank you very much! :)

January 12, 2011

It's 2-0-1-1 Already!

With a blink of eye it's Two-Owh-One-One already..and It has been more than 3 months since i last blog.

Time flies pretty fast it seems within those month of commonwealth games in October, Asian Games in November and of course the football AFF Suzuki Cup where Malaysia became CHAMPIONS of SOUTH EAST ASIA for the very 1st time beating Indonesia.. woohooo... Congratulations! It has been an awesome Sporting Year!

Let's just recap 2010 in a bit.

- It was the year i decided that i got to move to KL for a career i always have been dreaming of having.. and it really Finally did come through when i accepted the job offer in February.
- It was also a year where i make more new friends
- Also, the year where sporting events in terms of Malaysian athletes making us proud!

Starting with our very own Sukma in May, followed by the World Cup in June, then Youth Olympic Games in Aug, Commonwealth Games in Oct, Asian Games in Nov and Suzuki Cup in December. in between those, of course smaller scale local sporting events.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself very much.

Moving Forward, 2-0-1-1 started with a bang as well... I did not even expected i will be out of the country so early of the year, i was in taiwan for 4 days plus to cover the Badminton Super Series Final as a reporter. writing story and doing a piece of myself in front of camera..

It was really, really an awesome experience for me and thanks to my boss for making it happen for me. Really appreciate the opportunity given even though i was really reluctant at first. as i was informed 3 days before the event start that i got to go to Taiwan. it was surreal, and of course all my time there i did not have appetite for food as i was nervous as hell looking for 2 stories per day. Luckily all went well in the end!

Did not really got to enjoy Taipei but will surely be back to visit Taiwan next time.

and i am so looking forward to my Bangkok Trip next week.. cant wait for it already.

then the week after that, it's CNY already... So looking forward to spend quality time in Penang this time around with moi family and friends!

Let's just hope 2-0-1-1 bring in more surprises, hopefully in a good way and that i keep living on my dreams.

No Resolution or so, but let just hope the World stays awesome and everyone be blessed alwiz! =)

September 29, 2010


the 1st time i saw my GM was when i report to work the 2nd day (18th feb) after our induction..

he smiled and greet us all.. and say that we could go back home rest and we shall meet up in our new office the next day.

the next day was friday and we met up in the new unfinish renovated office.. there were like 20 till 30ish of us there.. and we were introduce to few department bosses who were there with him already (working with him since last sept/oct 2009)..

and then we were taken to tour the news room, the studio, the empty control room and tat was our day... by noon we could go back home already...

the next few week, we spent our time in office helping out to get stuff ready before we went on air on march 26th.

whenever he saw us, he smiled at us without fail. i remember once when i got early to office on saturday morning and no one was at the office yet and he wanted to print out some documents.. he sought my help to print out by sending the email to me and asked me to print it out..

he thanked me for the help and gently reminded me to delete off the email as it was P&C, i noddded, he smile back and he knew that i understood what he meant.

or some other occasion where my colleagues and i will just laugh out loud talking to each other at our desk and when he past by us at the back, he will just playful said, we should slow our voice down and then we giggled back to which he would turn and smile back..

owh.. and even when 1st few weeks when we went on AIR.. we were running up and down the office to get things ready, he was paving the way for us to walk/run 1st because he knew how hard we were working to get things done...

he never allowed us to call him boss and those calling him boss will be fined RM5 to which the money will be used to buy food to share with everyone.

the last time we had the celebration was when he sent out an email to everyone to celebrate september birthday boys and girls...

7 month plus, of knowing this great man, bad news came in on 27th september, 2.30pm..

we will definitely miss him so much for he was ARENA pillar strength and everyone could just go to him for advise..

seeing his body at the wake today was just unbelieveable, it was as if he was just sleeping and we could just wake him up. i did not shed a tear when i pay the last respect but after that i just broke down into tears..

(his wife is one really tough women, she was trying to stay postive all the while and mentioned to me that, there is just so much positvism that he has instill in everyone of us, i would have to agree)

the office secretary cum manager was the one most affected for she worked together with him all the time.. and she described him as the BEST BOSS SHE EVER HAD...

his presence in each of every ARENians is greatly felt and i do not EVER think anyone could just fit into his place and deliver what he wanted to do for malaysian sports.

i just wish that we could have more time together and guide us to greater heights, but god loves him more but i know we will utilise what you guide us to and aim for further success..

he will be missed by all of us, and i will do my utmost best for the channel.

May he give us the strength and guide us to more success in the future.

Last but not least, may you rest in peace.

September 27, 2010

farewell, matt

this is just so shocking.. I am coming to accept the term on what has happened when i received a phone call from a colleague of mine at 4pm just now.

the big boss, the vp and gm of astro arena had passed away.. i was shocked beyond words.. i dunno what to say..
he was so young . i remembered the last time i saw him was last wednesday, when he was walking around the newsroom area showing visitors around the office..

since i was off thurs n friday and working on weekend, that was the last i saw him and receiving the devastating call today put me utterly shock..

i feel for his family, wife and a young son.. it's just so devastating.. everyone is grieving for we lost someone who is passionate and wanting to build something for malaysian sports.

on his last speech with us, when the whole arena peopls break Fast together, he didnt get to share his vision and mission for arena for the year 2011.. i just hope i could know what his planning was for us..

will miss him dearly and will always remember his arena mantra for us..

"One person success is every one success, one person failure is every one failure!"

matt mckeown died of heart attack at home around 2.30pm.. hopefully we will be able to pay last respect to him before his body is flown back to australia...

may your soul rest in peace.

it just show that life is just so short, i should stop whining and do something good everyday!